Trabecular Metal Implants by Zimmer

Dental Implants have an outstanding track record of being extremely successful when placed and restored following known protocols. Decades of experience have honed these techniques to allow for extremely predictable outcomes. One of the most widely accepted and known requirements for long term implant success is a latent period of healing after an implant has been placed, before the final restoration can be attached.  Even with the use of temporary restorations , shortening this 3-6 month healing period has been one of the most sought after goals as Dental Implants have progressed over the years. Many techniques and materials have fallen short of providing predictability with their results, until now.

Trabecular Metal Technology is an innovative material utilized by Zimmer for over 15 years in implantable orthopaedic devices. Uses of Trabecular Metal Material are varied and have included joint reconstruction, bone void filling and soft tissue repair. Zimmer Dental is currently working on multiple ways to integrate Trabecular Metal Technology into its oral rehabilitation portfolio.

The Trabecular Metal Dental Implant features an osteoconductive mid-section that is structurally similar to cancellous bone. Portions of the implant also utilize Zimmer Dental’s MTX® microtextured surface, which has been documented to achieve high levels of bone-to-implant contact.

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