Meet our Staff

One of the greatest hallmarks of an excellent practice is the staff supporting the doctor. No practice can succeed without them. No doctor can be great without them. At Implants and Oral Surgery of Utah we are proud of the solidarity and long-term stability provided by our team. Our administrative staff have been working together for over 19 years, and our clinical staff can boast over 10 years of working together in the same office. Several members of both the administrative and clinical teams have worked together for over 20 years.

In addition to their vast experience in both chair-side and operating room assisting, each member of the clinical staff has undergone formal training to provide advanced assistance with both surgical and anesthetic procedures. All staff members are BLS certified and regularly renews their certification as recommended by the American Heart Association.

The world of insurance and health care spending accounts is complicated at best. Our administrative staff has spent decades becoming well-versed in the handling of claims of all types. Their goal is to maximize your benefits and make the entire process as simple as possible for you. Their ability to navigate the financial side of health care will impress you.

One of the most exceptional qualities of our office is the ability to adapt to change. New techniques, new instruments, new procedures…the list goes on. Each potential change is greeted with research, review, group discussion, and then implementation. Their great many years of experience and adaptability allows us to remain on the cutting edge of our high-paced specialty, rather than wallow in the mire of complacency and habit.

Of greater import than the unparalleled experience and qualifications our staff possess, is their sincere love for what they do. When you visit our office, we hope it will be obvious.

We look forward to meeting you.